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Playboy Covers
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Playboy Covers
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Playboy Covers
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Playboy Covers
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Search for Playboy magazine cover models, playmates, artists and interviews. Included are any aliases in parentheses and collective names in brackets. So, you may see something like "Anna Nicole Smith (Vickie Smith)" or "[Swedish Bikini Team], Uma Thorensen." Also have a look at who's made the most cover appearances.

Due to the common use of diacritical marks (à, á, â, ã, ä, å, etc.) in latin based alphabets, use the Cover Models, Playmates and Interviews pages if you don't get the results you expect.

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Sorry, unable to find any issues with Susan Sarandon on the cover.

Playmate of the Month®

Sorry, unable to find any issues with Susan Sarandon as the Playmate of the Month®.


3 issues found with Susan Sarandon as the Interview.

Issue:  Australia - 07/1989
Cover:  Natalya Negoda
Playmate:  Helen Bliss
Interview:  Susan Sarandon
Issue:  Spain - 05/1992
Cover:  Kristine Rose
Playmate:  Cady Cantrell
Interview:  Susan Sarandon
Issue:  America - 05/1989
Cover:  Natalya Negoda
Playmate:  Monique Noel (Monique Lovelace)
Interview:  Susan Sarandon
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